New “Font Combination” article at Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine just published my article “Best Practices of Combining Typefaces“. The article expands on some of the principles I’ve covered in other articles here at BonFX, but has a lot of large, original illustrations and uses some of the most popular fonts in design today. Stop by and take a look!


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    That’s a really solid article, Douglas, with great (and in one case, surprising) examples. Souvenir and Futura Bold–who’da thunk?

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    Hi Keith: Y, Souvenir and Futura Bold are unlikely but happy partners :)

    Writing for Smashing Magazine requires much more effort than writing for BonFX, I assure you that :)


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    “Souvenir and Futura Bold are unlikely but happy partners”

    Indeed. Souvenir is one of those faces that has so much personality of its own, that people like me (whose typographic sensibilities may be better than the average bear, but well short of your own) would find it hard to pair harmoniously with another. I think I need to buy The Big Book of Font Combinations!

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    @ Keith: My thought is, given certain contexts, you can find a way to make most any fonts work with each other. Maybe not in a heading / body relationship, but in some kind of role-based way in a design. They might need a separation of white space, or a great difference in point size, etc., but there is some way to make even the worst apparent options work something out.

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