Font Combinations 2.0 Preview & Screenshots

The Font Combinations app 2.0 is on the way for iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 4.2 and later! It’s a complete rewrite from the ground up with a slew of new features, a whole new UI, and best of all, all-new Retina Display graphics.

Some of the new features are:

  • Super swipe with inertia: you can swipe slow, drag slow, or flick fast. It’s up to you
  • Forwards and backwards buttons for header and body
  • Randomize header, randomize body, and randomize both buttons
  • Built in screen capture that saves to your iPhone or iPod Touch gallery ready for instant email
  • Twitter integration that creates a ready-to-tweet message with your font combination
  • Beautiful new custom UI with customized icons

Here are some screenshots. Click to enlarge for Retina Display resolution. Enjoy!


  1. Michael says

    I suppose it’s not trivial to implement, but any chance of iPad support? Unfortunately, iPhone / iPod Touch apps look terrible on the iPad since all it does is scale up the non-Retina version.

  2. says

    Hi Michael: We are working on a unique iPad version. It will have the same basic new UI functions, but have much richer graphic set to more closely match the Big Book of Font Combinations. Stay tuned!

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