100 Top Free Font Combinations?

Now that the year anniversary of The Big Book of Font Combinations is on us, and Font Combinations App 2.0 has been out in the iTunes App Store and updated by nearly everybody, the time is now to ask: what about the legions of free fonts that are available?

The first two products focused entirely on classic typefaces. But with the popularity of free fonts rising with each month, I now wonder about how those fonts are being used by those that download them. My question is simple: would designers find a book just like The Big Book of Font Combinations, but 100% geared towards free fonts, something useful? If you think so, drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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  1. Benjamin Henry says

    You already knew the answer to this before you posted. I applaud you on your techniques to increase blog traffic though. This site is an excellent resource for typography and design, as well as an equally impressive tool to learn how to blog effectively.

  2. Mark says

    Great idea – and start with a list! I CAN’T WAIT to see your list of the best free fonts. I believe there isn’t such thing on the web up to date.

    Many people would benefit from a research on free fonts. To see which free fonts are most widely used, most recommended (etc.) – and putting it all together in a list, just like you did before, it would be awesome!

  3. says

    What about something on how to integrate some great free fonts with the classics? Because frankly, free fonts are almost ALWAYS missing something: that’s why they’re free. So… a combination of 2 fonts that are missing something COULD fill in the gaps for each one… or underscore their shortcomings.

    Would I look at a list? Yes.

    Would I buy the book? Probably not.

  4. says

    YES! Please make a book using free fonts and suggested combinations.
    It is far to time consuming to download and try different combinations. I would absolutely love to have a quick “recipe” book to glance at for combinations and where to get the type. This sort of book is long overdue. There are books about popular color combinations that save tons of time. Why not a book about popular and free typeface combinations too?

  5. Type Teacher says

    In regard to the topic being: the creation of a type pairing book of free fonts” and in regard to the process of creating it slowly.

  6. J. says

    Yes, that is a great idea. One thing I’ve come across as a former graphic design student is the difficulty it is to have access to fonts–we’re limited to free fonts, and I feel it would still be a great learning opportunity.

  7. says

    I hadn’t thought of this angle, of how excellent this could be for someone that doesn’t have really any of the “designer basics” when they are starting out. The free fonts kind of act like introductory set. And while they aren’t classics yet, the same rules of combining fonts still apply among themselves. Excellent point and duly noted.

  8. says

    First of all, I am so glad I found your website. It’s awesome. Which gives me so many ideas. I wrote a manual for my accounting software in Excel, with typeface Gill Sans. Now I know what combination to use with this typeface.

    I got an idea for your bookmaker.

    Why don’t you make a book using only the standard fonts that come with Windows 7/Microsoft Office? Yes, I use a PC.

    I can imagine many people do not want to spend time searching for fonts or paying for fonts. In stead they use the standard available fonts.

    You could do the same for a Mac.

  9. says

    @ Stephan:

    I’ve had that idea run by me a few times, but it’s not clear what kind of market their would be for a book like that. Maybe it wouldn’t be too much effort though. It would be more “booklet” than “book”. I’ll mull that over…

  10. RabidFire says

    I bought your Big Book of Font Combinations. And if you do this, with special focus on Google WebFonts, I’d love to buy that as well!

    Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this book. Love it!

  11. DanaK says

    I came across your site because I’m currently struggling with finding a good compliment to the Google Free Font Overlock for a website I’m working on.

    This book is a brilliant idea! I can’t wait to read it! Is there an ETA on when it would be available? (Any chance you’d post a little preview….that happened to address my current Overlock problem?) :)

  12. Margie says

    A guide for combining free fonts would be fabulous! I love the idea of a guide for Google fonts too. As a fontaholic web developer with limited design training, I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge and skill.

    I also love the idea of booklets that would highlight the “default” fonts that are on Windows and/or Macs. It would be such a wonderful thing to promote to my clients. Maybe then they’ll stop sending me documents that make my eyes bleed.

  13. says

    Margie: You have reiterated a clear need. I have heard from so many folks about default fonts on Mac and PC systems I have now lost count! I think we can fix the eye bleed syndrome. And it starts with ceasing the use of Papyrus and Comic Sans. But that’s just the beginning.

    Question for you though…would either of these booklets be better for you or our clients as an ebook or a traditional perfect bind paperback?

  14. Margie says

    Douglas asked: “Question for you though…would either of these booklets be better for you or our clients as an ebook or a traditional perfect bind paperback?”

    That’s a hard question. If this was a freebie or a “share or tweet to download”, then obviously a PDF or other digital format. Then use the freebie one to promote the larger version. Market research at that point will tell you if the digital or dead-tree version is more desirable.

  15. Allan says

    YES this would be an incredible resource for amateur graphic designers and people working in small companies or non-profits that do not have the money to spend on fonts.

  16. Bjoern Frost says

    I work for a NPO these days and it would be a awsome tool as a Inhouse designer who can’t spend a fortune on fonts every.

  17. Andy M says

    A great idea and there are some pretty decent free fonts out there (a favourite of mine is Gandi Sans and Gandi Serif – although the serif is a little too fine cut for my liking). This sort of compendium would be a real boon for the cash strapped or the rank amateur (like me). The earlier comments about incomplete character sets for free fonts all ring true but doubtless there are some fine-looking fonts that could be used. Having only just stumbled onto this site I will keep popping back now to see if and when the book emerges.

  18. Naamah says

    Late to the party, but I am absolutely foaming for such a resource. It’s unseemly! But yes, such a thing. Want.

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