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Updated weekly, BonFX automatically tracks usage of the most popular web fonts across Alexa's top 10,000 sites. Cool info lurks, waiting for you.

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What is Fonts of the World?

Fonts of the World is a web font usage data dashboard. We visit thousands of the top global Alexa sites weekly and discover what web fonts are being used. We then tally up the number of uses per font across the top sites and present the data in an easy-to-read chart. As we gather more data, we'll publish a chart for popular font trends.

What is the first chart?

The first chart shows percentage-based segments of the top five most popular web fonts from across the most popular websites in the world. The sixth slot on the right shows all other fonts used combined into one percentage-based segment.

What is the second chart?

The second bar chart focuses on usage for fonts other than the top 5 most popular, with the graphical representation anchored on fonts 6 through however many we chart in a given week. Results for the first 5 are truncated on the right so that the rest of the results are not visually skewed by the lopsides use of, primarily, Arial.

What are the names of the fonts linking to?

The name of each font is linked directly to an image search which show direct use and examples of the typefaces.

Why should I bookmark this site?

  • Interesting things lurk in the data below. Really.
  • The historical data will become very interesting over time. Looking at this once is cool, but looking at every so often will be really cool.
  • To keep tabs on what the most popular web fonts are
  • To have quick access to see what trending web fonts look like
  • To understand what typefaces are gaining or losing popularity

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Want more font action? Try The Big Book of Font Combinations.


Want more font action? Try The Big Book of Font Combinations.