Top 10 Freelance Graphic Designers: A (small) Milestone

Today for the first time, by following all the rules and working hard, and also by having a bit of luck owning an old domainĀ  (9 years) that has always been about freelance graphic design, we cracked the Google top 10 for the following searches simultaneously:

  • “freelance graphic design”
  • “freelance graphic designer”
  • “freelance graphic designers”
  • “freelance graphic design portfolio”

…and a few more, as well as a dozen or so font and typeface related searches.

We did this in 3 weeks.
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How to get Google Analytics stats for today only with one simple click

I check Google Analytics a lot to see how this or that article is tracking. I’m almost never interested in what happened yesterday, but rather what is happening today. In Google Analytics, you have to click through several screens and drop-down menus to get to todays data. Right now it takes 6 clicks and 4 screens to get at the data I want. That’s too much!

I’ve written a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to see only todays stats. It takes you right to your domain stats with info delimited to today. Nice!

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