Smilevetica – the younger, happier little brother of Helvetica

What would Helvetica look like if it wasn’t so perfectly stoic, so absolutely neutral? Perhaps it would look like “Smilevetica“, if it took a positive outlook on life. Helvetica, Helvetica, why so serious all the time? Have a chat with Smilevetica and brighten up!

I had the idea to take some classic typefaces and combine them with some illustrative elements for no other reason than it sounded interesting, even a little mischievous—just the kind of off–beat thing like I do for entertainment. It feels a bit like graffiti—scribbling all over an otherwise–perfect uppercase Helvetica Bold. But it was so fun! I may or may not do more in a series like this, but if you think you can get some mileage out of either the idea or the source files themselves, have at it! I have provided the sample below long with flattened PDF of the vectors, ready for you to further play with if you so choose. Have fun!

(FYI UPDATE: this post was inspired by Sketchetica by Hiekka Graphics. Visit if this post makes no sense to you!)

And now, I present to you, Smilevetica for viewing or for downloading as a PDF:

18 responses to “Smilevetica – the younger, happier little brother of Helvetica”

  1. Liberté

    This is just stupid…

    It might’ve been funny if you actually worked on it.

  2. Smilevetica – the younger, happier little brother of Helvetica | Design Newz

    […] Smilevetica – the younger, happier little brother of Helvetica […]

  3. kiwus

    god almighty…

  4. Rahul

    A really happy and energetic Helvetica surely.


  5. Corky

    Yeah this sucks…gimmicky. And commenting among the commenters is sometimes bad form, Doug. Just because I hate “Smilevetica” doesn’t mean I hate you.

  6. Bobert

    I’m starting to hate all those stupid remakes of Helvetica.

    They’re only cheap treatments with Illustrator…

  7. Wende

    Did it make me smile? Yes.
    Was that the point? Yes.
    Do people (esp. designers) who have a sense of humor blow? No, we need more of them.

    Keep it up, Doug!

  8. sinrevelar

    after a grumpy day, this really made me smile! Thx for being this silly n’ stupid!!!!!

  9. Stargot

    original helvetica is true

  10. Grace Oris

    Hi. Was looking for something to wake me up and this did it. Silly indeed but it made me laugh and now I’m awake and can go on with my studying. We need to be silly or stupid sometimes ha-ha. Thanks!


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