Font Combinations

Font Combinations

Here are the three (well, four) best resources for creating classic font combinations that we know of:

The resource page has pretty much all the classic font combination pages and resources from over the last decade. If you start there, you are going to get all the info you need. There are other more modern sites that focus on examples rather than principles, such as I Font You, but they tend to be a bit random. A book like The Big Book of Font Combinations takes a systematic approach and limits itself to a core subset of the most popular fonts of all time.

BONUS REFERENCE: You can also find many of the classic fonts, pre-typeset and mixable on the fly in, our iPhone App, Font Combinations 2.0.



Have you thought “I’ve spent way too much time editing CSS”? Well, glimpse the future

Ok People:

Here is a glimpse of the future of web design :)

Imagine a future where you spend time designing and not fiddling. Remember those days past? They will yet come again.

Imagine designing in the browser. You will be doing it before too long.

I predict a wholesale shift to much more advanced CMS and web platforms or systems where code takes a big retreat behind dazzling GUIs like we see in Squarespace 6, and other platforms like Virb, Adobe Muse, etc. Hand-coding will be a niche, enterprise-focused endeavor. The realities of responsive web design necessitate this fact.

There was a time before PageMaker and Quark where people edited PostScript by hand, but those days are a distant memory. Can you even imagine hand-coding a page to simply print something out? Web design is moving in that direction. Listen to these sage words and watch magic happen as the user below changes a complex layout in realtime in Squarespace 6. Wow:

Skip to 6:50 for the relevant snippet and watch for about 30 seconds. Again, wow:

So if your favorite CMS doesn’t yet have rich GUI-based dynamic layout editing as it’s default mode, or have it on it’s roadmap, know one thing: it will.

3D Doodle Boxes video demo: Black Widow and Carrot Alien

3D Doodle Boxes video demo: Black Widow and Carrot Alien

Do you wonder why people doodle 3d boxes? Don’t think too hard about it but do check out the video below to start doodling your own masterpieces!

Watch how the Black Widow and Carrot Alien are drawn in 3D Doodle Boxes available in the Mac App Store:

So there is 3D Doodle Blocks in action for today! Download it today!

3D Doodle Boxes: new screenshot

3D Doodle Boxes: new screenshot

This will be live in the Mac App Store shortly. But grab a copy of 3D Doodle Boxes if you haven’t already, and send us some screenshots of what you build!

3D Doodle Boxes

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