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  1. David Airey

    Always good seeing sketches, Douglas. And a very personal logotype you ended up with too, which is great.

  2. Doug Bonneville

    Hi David: I love seeing “behind the scenes” on all manner of graphic and fine art. Have you been over to Illustration Class (www.illustrationclass.com)? Von Glitschka has an amazing collection of up-close tutorials. Very inspiring…

  3. Diane

    wow, the logo was done in Fireworks, not Illustator, why? Very neat logo and nice sketches! :)

  4. Doug Bonneville

    Hi Diane:

    No no! The logo was drawn by hand in Illustrator. Hey, I love Fireworks but not that much! I placed the logo drawing PSD in Illustrator, drew over it, and then copied and pasted it directly into Fireworks. I didn’t belabor the Illustrator step. I could have made it 24 steps and shown one more step of the logo half-done in Illustrator.

    Thanks on the gracious comment about the logo and the sketches. I think I enjoy the process of creating something more than looking at the end result, which is what intrigued me enough to make this post. I kind of feel bad for all those ideas that didn’t make it, the ones I got to know so well along the way…

  5. Doug Bonneville

    Diane, looking at the pictures I can see how it might be a tad misleading. I see in the Fireworks image I have the letter selected with the subselect tool so you can see the vectors. I did apply the color to the vectors in Fireworks for this version only because the colors we already sitting there, and since I was only going from Illustrator to Fireworks RBG / HEX, I simply landed the logo in Fireworks and grabbed the HEX for the dark brown and applied it. I then tweaked “FX” to be white and added a very slight shadow to the whole thing (2px offset, 14px blur, 40% opacity)…

  6. Jacob Cass

    I like the sketch on step 18… what pencil size is this done in? Glad to see so many sketches too, a very important part of the process. Nice end result too!

  7. Doug Bonneville

    Hi Jacob: All the sketches are done with a trusty No. 2 click pencil, 0.7 lead. The earlier concepts are simply very small, drawn fast and loose and then blown up larger for this post. Number 18 was drawn and colored over the faded print out from the previous step. I blew it up from about an inch to 5-6 inches, gaussian blurred it, faded it back 50%, and then printed it out for re-drawing. So when I rescanned it back in and made that shot for the web, I had to reduce it to get it to fit, which gives the impression of much tighter lines. It’s at this point that I can see if the concept truly has legs, but usually I don’t get this far unless I’m 90% sure.

  8. Diane

    From Illustrator to FW, I can see now what you mean :)

  9. Diane

    My favorite step is the 18 too!

  10. Doug Bonneville

    That step is like going back to grade school – make an outline and then color inside the lines :)

  11. Scotty

    Hi Doug

    I was looking for web sites to point my students at to re-enforce the idea which you summarise so well at the beginning. Try and try again using the paper as the stone and the pencil as the chisel until you reveal a masterpiece. All too often students jump straight into the computer to generate an image – mistaking the facility and polish of the computer for what should instead be a good idea.

    It has been hard work finding development examples. Too many designers, including me, seem to lose or throw the sketches and thumbnail developments away or bury them in a drawer once they have achieved the solution.

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  13. basilmathew

    hi doug u’ve done a great job to get an extraordinary logo of ur own . nice seeing all ur sketches.

  14. Erik Ford

    Truly great post. I always love reading how the puzzle gets put together. Thanks for graciously sharing your entire process.

  15. Davidmoreen

    That logo looks really nice!

  16. Duane

    This is one of the best behind the scenes looks at a logo design process I have seen. Thanks for giving us an insight .

  17. Daniel

    I hate to be that one guy who posts a negative comment, but I saw a lot of intriguing logo concepts on your sketch! Why did you settle for such a boring typographic logo? Also it doesn’t look like you’re using that logo on your site.

    It’s a nice article though, and well written.

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  22. Justin

    Thanks, hopefully this will help take us sketch to design.

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