How to run a web design business the smart way

The smart way to run a web design business is simple: copy the plan that someone else used successfully to run a web design business and stick to it.

That is it.

Many of you know I’ve moved on from running my own web design business. I’m off in different directions including a lot of writing and programming. However, many visitors to my blog, like you, might be trying to start a web design business or are already up and running, but are short in the what-do-I-do-about-this-or-that department. So now what do you do?

Find someone that knows what they are talking about

Easier said than done. Unless you happen to be reading this article. Enter: Rob Cubbon.

When I started blogging in the graphic design niche going some years back, Rob Cubbon was one of the first bloggers I met. I asked a lot of questions and Rob was kind enough to answer, in detail, and by personal email. What I learned from Rob was truly priceless at the time. And I know that what I learned from Rob then is just as useful today as it was when I first met him because the principles have not—and will not—ever change.

So the question is how can Rob help you? That’s easy: Rob now has an ebook available that reveals all “insider secrets” to successfully running a graphic design business.

The big insider secrets about running a graphic design business

The big secret is that there are no secrets—other than working really hard. Everything you need to learn, you can learn from just about anywhere, free of charge, if you can find the answers. But that is not your issue. Your issue is time. You already work hard. But do you work smart and save your precious time?

Rob’s book, Running a Web Design Business, will save you a truly immense amount of time. I know from experience and from having applied a lot of his advice that what he has to tell you is right on. It will take you minutes to read what it took Rob years learn. There truly is no better method for learning than to learn from someone that is successful doing exactly what you want to do. You can’t save any more time or money than if you do this. This is the path to success and why I’m recommending Rob’s ebook. Just get it and read it. Run, don’t walk. Thank me later.

How Rob’s advice helped me

When I started blogging the current incarnation of several years ago, I was writing quantity and not quality. I was all over the map, taking the buckshot approach to everything. Through an email exchange back and forth, Rob explained how I need to slow down, don’t worry about writing so much, and focus in on a niche. In that niche, Rob suggested I focus on well-written and researched quality material. He also suggested certain SEO tactics to try and several to not waste time on. He also suggested things to outright avoid. I took his advice and put it into practice. My blog took off after that, and let’s just say that one thing truly led to another as a direct result of the focusing in on a niche, at Rob’s suggestion.

Would I have found that advice somewhere else, given enough time? Yes. But did I? No. But because Rob’s advice, now bundled together in his neat and tidy ebook, is available to download to you right now, you can be like me and just skip a whole bunch of wasted time on internet forums and what not trying to cull together for yourself the information you think you need.

Work smarter, not harder. Take advice, don’t invent your own. Invest in quality pragmatic information, and apply it to your graphic design business today.

What does the ebook cover?

In addition to online marketing, Rob shares his expertise regarding:

  • The business of running a web design company
  • The equipment you need
  • How to handle clients
  • How to make sure you get paid
  • How to work from home

Rob also interviewed many graphic designers, some of which you’ve no doubt heard of if you frequent popular web design blogs. David Airey, Chris Spooner, Randa Clay, and even your’s truly. Out of those interviews came the following gems of information:

  • Web designers’ business survey
  • Web designers’ hardware
  • Web designers’ software

…And other delightful tidbits. While designers are a friendly lot, they are also quite busy. It’s a testament to Rob’s personal communications skills that he got the information he did from these already-time-compressed design schedules!

A two-minute preview of Rob’s book

I know you have 2 minutes. Watch this now.

You will thank me

That’s all I have to say! Please give Rob’s ebook a quick preview. If you buy it, pop back here and let me know about it! I’m sure you’ll thank me :)




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