Free PSD from Smashing Magazine article “Combining Typefaces”

I had a few requests for the PSD from which all the graphics were created for the article “Best Practices of Combining Typefaces“. Here it is for anyone interested in how the graphics were made, whether you liked the psuedo-CSS3 embossing or my choice of colors or not :).

Of course, if you don’t have the fonts installed that I used to make the graphics, you’ll have to substitute them for something else if you want to make edits. If you don’t have the fonts, you can still see how the effects were done and how the layers were organized.

Your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

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  1. Danny says

    Greatly Appreciated!!! I sat here the afternoon the article came out like… I have to know how to do the embossing like that – I studied it and made a similar form… BUT NOW I can compare! Thanks again!!!

  2. Danny says

    I know in my shoes at least… freebies allow for a look into the designers thought process… Even looking at your hierarchy to the design elements was a small taste of your design style… THATS more or less what I’m after :-) OH and hey btw… I’m tried to grab your LinkedIn URL and the one on your sidebar sends me to an error page. I tried it multiple ways – so here’s a friendly heads up!

  3. says

    Danny – thanks for the heads up on the LinkedIn link – I just fixed it!

    I wish more designers put out the PSDs. I find the actual PSD is much more efficient than a tutorial. At least for me it is – that’s how I learn best. So I’m trying to offer the kinds of things I wish I could find myself when I need them!

  4. Danny says

    I couldn’t agree more, I’m using your “pseudo CSS3” technique right now! Lol Your commenting public thanks you!

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