60 Popular Free Wedding Fonts


As a warm-up to our upcoming Free Wedding Font Combination book, we’ve compiled a partial list of popular free wedding fonts (with links to downloads) from our own research process. From old style and slab to handwritten and classic script–you’ll find a diverse collection appropriate for any style wedding. So if you’re planning on saving money and time by creating your own wedding invitations, start by perusing our collection. Feel free to  or download and print the PDF’s!

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14 Top Free Serif Fonts with Multiple Weights


If you have a growing collection of usable free sans-serif fonts, you are going to have to have some free serif fonts to go with them! Our recent article on the most popular free sans-serif fonts outlined four criteria we came up with to navigate the morass of free fonts readily available on the web. We came up with the best 14, we think. Take a look at that article so we don’t have to repeat the text here, and so that we can get on with our list of free serif fonts.

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The 14 Most Popular Free Sans-Serif Fonts That Are Actually Useful

Free fonts can be sourced from innumerable free font websites these days. Most free fonts, however, are of dubious quality and limited practicality. One of our devoted interests is collecting the most useful free fonts for use in our own projects. And so you, our dear reader, get to benefit from our research that we give away free!

Today we have fourteen of the most popular free sans-serif fonts that meet our criteria for usefulness. Our criteria is very simple, and yet it is very difficult to find free typefaces that meet them. Let’s have a look at the criteria.

A useful free sans-serif typeface must have these qualities or attributes:

  • It must be good looking
  • It must not have any overly-deviant or idiosyncratic glyphs that limit it’s usefulness
  • Have Normal, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic weights
  • It must be proven to be already popular: this is an important part of the vetting process. In matters like this, the crowd’s opinion matters tremendously

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