15 responses to “Breaking through to logo design beauty: David Airey Hat and Socks memoribilia”

  1. Victor Zuniga

    Just funny… David really did it this time.

  2. David Airey

    Oh man, you’re missing a trick, Doug. Get that “buy here” link up immediately!

  3. inspirationbit

    hahaha, very clever and funny.

  4. brian watkins

    this stuff’s hard to look at.

  5. Mo

    Such a great logo deserves this kind of attention. I would like a few hats for my friends and family. And maybe some pins.

  6. paul

    do you take bulk orders, and do you ship to north korea?

  7. Mark

    Thanks for maximizing the logo’s potential. As commenters on David’s original post already said, what his first logo needed was a bevel and a shadow. Excellent work.

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