73 Essential Logo Design Tips and Their Sources

We collected some of the best logo design tips from the top logo designers and other resources on the web. We sorted them, got rid of overt overlaps and now present to you, dear graphic design enthusiast, the final results. We have here one of the densest, pithiest, and most tip-ladden post on logo design you are going to find. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on solid ground with your design efforts. Ignore them at your own peril.

But wait, there’s more!

We linked each tip back to the source we got it from. Not all the tips we came across are represented in the list. Rather, we did some editing for the sake of readability . We also want you to explore the great sites we found in researching our list here. We appreciate scannable lists that also make it easier to dig deeper.

So imbibe this list and add your own essential tips to it! Visit the the sites to see what else they had to say. Enjoy!

(Our favorite tips are highlighted!)

  1. A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does
  2. A logo doesn’t have to convey what your company does
  3. A tagline is nice, but not as part of your logo
  4. Adapt the logo design for dark backgrounds
  5. Always choose function over innovation
  6. Avoid intricate details
  7. Avoid monotony
  8. Brainstorm logo concepts in pencil with reckless creativity
  9. Choose colors wisely
  10. Color is a secondary factor in your logo
  11. Colors are important but not as crucial as you might think
  12. Completely ignore what your parents and/or spouse think about the design
  13. Confirm that the logo looks appealing to more than just three (3) individuals
  14. Create a distinctive tagline
  15. Create a unique shape or layout for the logo
  16. Create variations. The more variations, the more likely you are to get it right
  17. Disconnect icons from text
  18. Do not combine elements from popular logos and claim it as original work
  19. Do not copy
  20. Do not rely on color for effect
  21. Do not rely on gradients
  22. Do not use any “swoosh” or “globe”symbols
  23. Do not use clipart under any circumstances
  24. Do not use more than three colors
  25. Do not use stock art images
  26. Don’t include photos in your logo
  27. Don’t use more than 2 fonts
  28. Don’t design in bitmap
  29. Don’t follow trends
  30. Don’t use filters. Don’t use filters. Don’t use filters.
  31. Establish your own logo design process
  32. Familiarize yourself with the commercial printing process
  33. Fit the logo into a square layout if possible, avoid obscure layouts
  34. Get lots of specific feedback
  35. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary
  36. Good logos have “one thing to remember”
  37. If the brand name is memorable, the brand name should be the logo
  38. If the logo contains an icon or symbol, as well as text, place each so that they complement one another
  39. Invoke feelings of being bold and confident, never dull and weak
  40. Keep contrasts as high as you can
  41. Keep imagery appropriate for your client’s business
  42. Keep the logo font easy to read
  43. Keep the logo versatile
  44. Keep your logo ‘metaphor light’
  45. Know the rules and principles of logo design
  46. Learn off other’s successes and mistakes
  47. Learn the software and complete the logo
  48. Learn what a logo is and what it represents
  49. Leave trends to the fashion industry
  50. Make sure all elements have cohesive unity
  51. Make sure that the logo is recognizable when inverted
  52. Make suuuure that you know what you are doing before you take on this kind of project.
  53. Make the logo functional
  54. Make the logo strong and balanced
  55. Master working with vectors
  56. Memorize all steps of the single best logo design ever (you simply must visit this post)
  57. Not every logo needs a mark
  58. Present only your best logo designs to your client
  59. Realize that you will not create a perfect logo
  60. Refrain from designing a logo around the tag line or vice versa
  61. Simple is sometimes better
  62. Sketch logo concepts
  63. Strive to be ‘different’ logo
  64. Take breaks
  65. Test at various sizes
  66. The logo must be easy to describe
  67. The logo must look consistent across multiple platforms
  68. The logo should be balanced visually
  69. Think ahead
  70. Under-promise and over-deliver
  71. Use simple fonts
  72. Work in black first
  73. Your logo has to have ‘instant impact’

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