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  1. Abaloo

    Haha love it. Great bit of fun and point well made :)

  2. paul

    Excellent post, you’ve really given great examples.
    Actually it reminds me of a similar concept (The Shining Recut)

  3. Boomsi

    Fun post…
    however, execution aside…the example using “Computer Shack” didn’t seem so inappropriate to me.

  4. wparena

    fun to consider these tips…now will keep in mind these techniques

  5. Hassan

    hire me… No (o_O) nice one,
    Nice post, harry up with vol.2

  6. 23 Really Bad Font Choices | Design Newz

    […] 23 Really Bad Font Choices […]

  7. Keith

    It’s sometimes difficult for people without an “eye” to recognise good design, but most people can spot the bad or downright awful. This post is great example of teaching good design by demonstrating bad design — rather like Vincent Flanders’s Web Pages That Suck: http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/

  8. Ryan Duritsa

    These are all good, Douglas, but the “Let’s go swimming” is flat out hysterical. Nicely done! :)

  9. Bonita

    big LOLZ!!

    take a look at this one.. “Key Health Medical Scheme”.. they’ve got billboards up and the whole lot.. :O http://mmsa.momentum.co.za/mmsa/KeyHealth/default.jsp let me know whether you would take them seriously..?!

  10. Bonita

    indeed!! scary stuff..

    what I mostly don’t get is how this got approved, and is currently being displayed on billboards along main highways.. :S

    perhaps they didn’t take a look to see what their competitors were up to?! ..and they’ve got some major brands to compete with too, being in the medical insurance industry and all.. :O

  11. Boomsi

    haha…yesss, so that’s what all of the crappy fonts we all have are for!

  12. Really bad font choices

    […] Douglas Bonneville shows some hilarious epicfails in typography. Not real ones, but funny anyway. Enjoy the bad taste in font selection, click the link above. Epic fails in typography […]

  13. stuart anderson

    This is 1 point made 23 times.

  14. Abby

    Is is just me, or is “playground” spelled “plyaground?” Is it intentional? If so, why?

  15. Nick

    Thank goodness Comic Sans made the cut…I was getting worried there for a second!

  16. Web Design Maidstone

    Great article, laughed my socks off…. surely there was a review of these choices before they unleashed them on the world?… that’s why you go to a professional

  17. Mary

    Real or not these were hilarious. Thank you for such a good laugh.

  18. CHT Enterprises

    OMG. I hope these people were not guided by professional graphic designers! I will link this article to my blog. I’m doing a series on “Save Money On Print Advertising” Articles 4 and 5 are about Fonts, Typefaces and Legibility. All of us in profession need to do all we can to educate our clients.

  19. 23 Really Bad Font Choices | BonFX Design Studio

    […] bedrijven. Het bijbehorende commentaar maakt het helemaal duidelijk (mocht dat nog niet zo zijn).23 Really Bad Font Choices | BonFX Design Studio. TweetTags: fonts, typografie Stop reactieLaat een reactie achterNaam *E-mail […]

  20. stephanie

    Interesting read, so many times people like a particular font and do not pay attention to the message it sends when looked at in addition to the actual words.

  21. JohnSub

    Not only did that dentist pick a horrible font, but he couldn’t even spell his own profession.

  22. Matt

    I don’t normaly leave comments on random page finds like this, but THIS IS AWESOME! haha good stuff!

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    […] Arial. Using fonts such as Brush Script, Papyrus, Curls,Impact, Comic Sans, Mistral, or any other cheesy “wanna-be” designer fonts in either your resume or portfolio pieces will likely disqualify you from the running – […]

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  26. Ryan

    Ashley’s Tax & Accounting Sercives.

    LOL @ “Sercives”.

  27. James George

    These are some real atrocities! I especially dislike the electric text for swimming. I wrote an article about horrible fonts: http://www.creativebeacon.com/horrible-fonts-and-better-alternatives/. It’s a good read, and most will agree. Some people really just don’t look at their font selections.

  28. Michelle

    Douglas- your blog is hilarious. Thanks for the disclaimer for those of us who laugh loudly and with our mouths open. I stumbled onto your page while doing some “research” for a blogging project in a writing class I am taking. If you want to see how I used your images you can visit my blog at: http://pwsatusf.wordpress.com/category/typography/

  29. 5 Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid - WE DESIGN STUDIOS

    […] Graphic design blogger Douglas Bonneville shares 23 bad typeface examples to avoid. […]

  30. David

    Nice examples.

    However, just like in the film Weird Science, where they successfully replicate the experiment that created the ‘perfect’ woman (Kelly LeBrock), yummy; they forgot one small thing – they forgot to hook-up the doll.
    Here you have given us wonderful examples, even replicating some real examples – however the small detail you have missed out, or forgotten is – Where are their correct counterparts.

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to understand how type speaks, it would be nice to see the same above examples, but with the right font used.


  31. spottedstar1123

    I have actually seen a sign for a graphic design place using Brush Script. *facepalm*

  32. Best Fonts for Logos: Thoughts On What Makes a Good Logo

    […] creative and trendy. But be careful! Don’t just use something for the sake of using it. Over on bonfx are some great (fictitious) examples for how important your choice of font is, especially when you want to represent a brand or an […]

  33. Publilius

    I really enjoyed these. Minor quibble: The TRS-80 was made by Radio Shack, not Texas Instruments.

  34. Wayne Davis

    Not exactly on topic, but still great fun for those who love fonts:


  35. Alex Sawyer

    I would add to the one with “Eatnwells food service.” You said there’s simply a disconnect and I would take it a step further and actually says it’s opposed to the message of fresh food. The chosen typeface is similar to the numbers one would see on a microwave. So it’s actually worse than just a disconnect!

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