34 responses to “19 top fonts most preferred by graphic designers from around the web”

  1. Mary Bonneville

    I’m impartial to Frutiger for a sans serif…

  2. Jacob Cass

    Nice summary, I like how you’ve added the suns for each mention. Not surprised to see Futura as #1.

    Gotham will probably be on this list shortly too. Getting used quite often these days – seeing it everywhere.

  3. Angel L.

    I’ve become a huge fan of Avenir lately. I agree with Mr. Cass, Gotham is becoming very popular.

  4. Philip Davis

    Hm, I am a bit surprised that Avante Garde is missing from this list. Futura as #1 is not all that surprising though. Nice collection!

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  6. NBK

    Always good to see a list like this. I also agree with Jacob, that Gotham is everywhere now. Funny that it started as a commission for GQ Magazine. And Obama’s campaign for “Change we can believe in” uses it.

  7. Lauren

    Thanks for compiling this list :). I too am surprised Avant Garde did not make the top 19, or 20 even, but it is a bit specific an stylized whereas Baskerville is much more versatile and applicable in common uses of type as you suggest. Thanks again :)

  8. Erik

    Nice list and like the most of the comments no surprise Futura is on number one, but still a bit surprised with the Helvetica position, but that’s probably because I love it. Anyway great list always useful !

  9. ganesh yadav

    Thanks for compiling this list..

    is it possible to send me fonts zip files.. some fonts missing in my list..

  10. Rick Lecoat

    I remember being taught in design school that the correct spelling was ‘fount’ and that a font was something that you dipped babies’ heads in. What the hell happened to THAT?! I think that it was the last time I ever saw it spelled that way, though the guys teaching me were serious, heavyweight, old-school, hot-metal boys who knew more about type than I could ever dream of knowing.

    Anyone have any info on the switchover? Is it just an overly-propogated Americanism?

  11. Stewart

    Hi Douglas, just found your blog via the esteemable Mr Airey. A very refreshing read, thanks. Just one question. Am I correct in believing that for all intents and purposes Akzidenz Grotesk and Helvetica are the same font? Was not Helvetica based on Akzidenz which was the original Sans Serif (Grotesk) typeface? Can you clarify the difference? Thanks

  12. Stewart

    Wow,Thanks for the lengthy reply, much appreciated. Next time I will make sure I arm myself with the facts rather than half the information!

  13. Martin

    Great article Douglas. Your passion for Typography shines through in your generous replies. I am just waking up to the true importance typography must have in graphic design, and this article has inspired me to read more and thus learn more.
    Thanks for putting this together, much appreciated.

  14. Design babe Brisbane

    I really love Gotham, i agree i have seeing it very often.

  15. rz borusa

    Having enjoyed a PBS feature on Helvetica I went looking on notepad and couldn’t find. It has been Interesting to hear what the professionals have to say. I have switched to Trebuchet MS for use on PC. Seems similar to Helvetica.

    My main consideration is readability. When I go a courtin the opposite sex I will have to step it up. I am reminded of an episode of Seinfeld where Georges story tested the best for courting. All in good fun.

  16. Designerfoo™

    Love Avenir! I see no verdana in there, hmmm… most corporates atleast this side of town/world prefer verdana! :D But then again these are what designers prefer… choices choices

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  18. Orth Otic

    I like copperplate myself. But then, I was dropped on my head as a child. I think it gives a nice feudal dignity to proceedings.

  19. Marion

    Go figure futura is at the top….Love it! Thought Helvetica would be second place for sure. Thanks for the list.

  20. logo design brisbane

    i love all those fonts…so simple.

  21. Hans Koevoet

    Gotham-fans, check this: http://gothamlogos.tumblr.com/ One of them actually is Avenir. Can you see which one?

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